Simple workflow for notes

I’ve been practicing minimalism for many years and lately I’ve been focusing on how to improve my workflow for keeping notes for things like a grocery list, to-do list and reminders. This is how I’m writing notes these days.

Plain text

  • I write my notes using plain text. I’m also starting to use Markdown to format them, but keeping it very simple. In fact this note was written using Markdown.

Any device

Desktop, Ubuntu Linux
I Mostly write notes on my desktop computer. My favorite editors are Nano and Gedit, and save everything in a folder called Notes. The Notes folder is synchronized with a Nextcloud server.


  • I use the Nextcloud Notes app on my mobile device. A nice thing about the app is that it supports viewing and editing with Markdown.


  • The devices (mobile & desktop) sync together with a Nextcloud server. For example, I can start writing a note with Firefox on my desktop, leave the house and read it on my mobile when i get to the grocery store.


  • The Nextcloud server is self-hosted. Running on a Single Board Computer (SBC).
I am very happy with my simple workflow for notes.